Biodegradable Silk Dental Floss

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20 m Floss Package

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How many MILES AND MILES of plastic thread should one person throw away in their life? With WooBamboo, the answer is ZERO! Made of only three ingredients: Silk, Beeswax, and Natural Mint flavor, our natural floss is the best for your smile and for our planet! Plus, we’ve encased our floss in a cool, totally Zero Waste package that also acts as the dispenser! Once purchased, users can tear off the hang tab, thread the floss, use and repeat. Used floss and the  entirety of the packaging is safe for disposal in the landfill or in a home compost bin; leaving no toxic trace!


Ingredients: Silk, Beeswax coating, Natural mint flavoring (derived from Spearmint Oil, Cornmint Oil, Menthol, and Anethole.)

Floss Length: 20 meters / 66 feet

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