Organic Virgin Camelina Oil

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SKU: 19515


First cold-pressed organic oil, made from our cultivation of organic camelina seeds processed on site, at Ferme Tournevent.

Camelina oil is an excellent antioxidant, which prevents cardiovascular diseases and memory disorders (including Alzheimer’s).

A balanced diet includes between 28% and 38% of fat per day, i.e. a daily intake of 2250 calories. A healthy diet ideally includes a variation of vegetable oil sources.

Camelina oil is high in Omega 3, 6, 9, and Vitamin E.

Ingredients: Organic Virgin Camelina Oil.

Suggested Use: Raw (salads, vinaigrettes, mayonnaise), pan-fried or grilled in the oven. Enhances the flavor of fish and vegetables.
With a smoke point of 475°F (245℃), this oil is perfect for sautéing and grilling. Replaces oil and butter in your recipes for pastries and bakery.

Conservation: When the bottle has not been opened, it can be stored at room temperature away from light, for up to 18 months. Refrigerate after opening and avoid contact with air and light.

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