Fennel Seed & Black Pepper Crackers

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SKU: 18239


We offer different flavoured appetizers that go well with a variety of types of beers. Our products are made in Quebec from more than 50% recycled malt called spent grain.

An explosion of anise and pepper flavours oozes from these crackers. Serve with a fish-based appetizer for a delicious treat!

Pairing advice:

  • White beers, which are usually citrusy or sour when berries like raspberries pair wonderfully with the anise side of the cracker fennel seeds, amplifying the flavors of either product.
  • Season-type beers, defined by their rustic and beefy yeasts, resonate with the well-spiced peppery taste of this cracker.


Ingredients: Brewer’s grain, organic wheat flour, olive oil, sea salt, fennel seeds, black pepper, turmeric (coloration).

Contains gluten. May contain traces of: tree nuts, peanuts, sesame, eggs, milk, soy, and mustard. 

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Weight120 g




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