Whole Grain Kamut Sourdough Bread

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Our most popular bread! This bread is one of the best for your health. It is an attractive alternative to traditional wheat. In addition, it is integral and based on sourdough. It is one of the few breads on the market made exclusively from integral kamut flour. Its taste and texture are unique.

Kamut, which means wheat in ancient Egyptian, is in fact the trade name of a cultivar of Khorasan wheat (triticum turgidum) whose agrobiological cultivation must follow precise and rigorous specifications (see www.kamut.com for more information). ‘information). Khorasan wheat is an ancestor of durum wheat (it lacks 14 chromosomes compared to modern wheat). Its ear bears grains three times the size of durum wheat. Each ear is made of large, long, bumpy grains. Its particular taste is reminiscent of a hazelnut butter, which gives it a mild and slightly sweet flavor.

Kamut is a cereal with great nutritional value that provides only 359 calories per 100 g. It contains 20 to 40% more protein than common wheat, as well as a higher proportion of essential amino acids and unsaturated fatty acids. In addition, its richness in selenium helps fight the formation of free radicals and the appearance of cardiovascular diseases. Kamut also has very good zinc and magnesium content, which makes it an excellent anti-fatigue food. Finally, its richness in carbohydrates, lipids and potassium gives it a high nutritional value.

Like other varieties of wheat, kamut contains gluten. However, people with mild gluten intolerance generally respond better to kamut than to traditional wheat. In fact, many of our customers have adopted this bread as an acceptable substitute.

  • Source of fiber
  • Source of iron
  • No added sugar
  • No saturated fat
  • Low in fat
  • Low in sodium


Ingredients: Water, stone-ground whole kamut wheat flour *, kamut * sourdough (stone-ground whole kamut wheat flour *, water), unbleached kamut wheat flour *, kamut wheat flakes *, sea salt, ascorbic acid ( vitamin C).

* Kamut® is a registered trademark of Kamut International’s Khorasan wheat and is used under license.

** Certified by Ecocert Canada

May contain sesame seeds.

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Weight550 g




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