Chocolate and Coffee Energy Square

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SKU: 18740


The rise-and-shine square that boosts our performance.

What inspired this product: For me, coffee wakes me up and boosts my energy. During the North Face Challenge (a 42.2 KM marathon right outside New York City), I munched a homemade coffee bites to keep me going. This awesome stuff, which I’m happy to share with you, helped me reach second place on the podium in 2017.

Chocolate + ground coffee beans = guaranteed performance increase.


Ingredients: Coffee cereal mix (organic oats *, organic crispy whole rice, ground coffee beans) ·  Natural sugars (honey *, maple syrup *) 70% organic cocoa dark chocolate (organic cocoa mass (cocoa liquor), organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter, organic cocoa powder) Almond butter · Organic pea protein · Canola oil.
Contains: Gluten (oats), Nuts (almonds).

* Products from our local producers

Tips from Danielle, Zenit’s Nutritionist:

  • Post-exercise recovery ratio 4:1
  • Eat 1 hour 30 minutes before physical activity
  • Energy boost during physical activity
  • Ideal for long outdoor trips: hiking, skiing, golf, kayaking, cycling, etc.
  • Lunch or snack to take with you
  • To overcome the afternoon slump

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Weight50 g





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