Chocolate and Hazelnut Energy Square

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SKU: 18741


The energy square to help you lift mountains.

What inspired this product: This snack was designed for my daughter Frédérique, my 11-year-old runner, who can devour Nutella with a spoon. I wanted to recreate this pleasure for her, bu this time without any white sugar or palm oil. This nutritious snack was made for everyone, like her, who eats Nutella straight from the jar. Guilt-free energy!


Ingredients: Mix of cereals with hazelnuts and cocoa (organic oats *, organic crispy whole rice, hazelnuts, organic cocoa) · Natural sugars (honey, maple syrup *) · 70% organic cocoa dark chocolate (organic cocoa mass (cocoa liquor) ), organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter, organic cocoa powder) · Organic pea protein   · Canola oil · Hazelnut butter ·

* Products from our local producers

Contains: Gluten (oats), Nuts (hazelnuts).

Tips from Danielle, Zenit’s Nutritionist:

  • 4:1 post exercise recovery ratio
  • Eat 1 hour 30 minutes before physical activity.
  • Energy boost during physical activity.
  • Ideal for long outdoor trips: hiking, skiing, golf, kayaking, cycling, etc.
  • Lunch or snack to take with you.


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Weight50 g





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