Apricot and 5 Grain Energy Square

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SKU: 18738


An incredibly delicious novelty!

What inspired this product: This new product was created for people like me who love dried grains and fruits. I have a weakness for grains grown in Quebec such as hemp and camelina. These are two incredible ingredients to discover. My mission is also to help you add new foods to your diet. Hope you like this bob as much as I do.


Ingredients: Apricot and 5 grain cereal mix (organic oatmeal °, organic crispy whole rice, organic dried apricots, organic pumpkin seeds, organic hemp seeds °, roasted camelina seeds °) Honey Almond butter Organic pea protein · Non-GMO canola oil.

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Recommendations from Danielle, Zenit’s nutritionist:

  • Post exercise recovery ratio 4 carbohydrates: 1 protein
  • Consume 1 hour 30 minutes before physical activity
  • Energy boost during physical activity
  • Ideal for long outdoor trips: hiking, skiing, golf, kayaking, cycling …
  • Lunch or snack to go

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Weight50 g





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