Orange Blossom Incense

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SKU: 16438


Auroshikha original marble hand-made incense. Auroshikha blends its Orange Blossom incense with oil pressed from the skin of the orange fruit. It transports us to the fragrance of an orange grove, with a thick citrus flavor hanging in the air. Depending on the person this can be either relaxing or energizing.
Auroshikha Agarbathies offers a beautiful selection of high-quality incense, handmade at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry, India. These incense sticks are available in 10-gram packages and are guaranteed to be free from toxic substances.


Directions: Place incense in a burner or vessel. Using a lighter, candle, match, or other implement light the tip of the incense and allow it to burn until it creates an ember. Extinguish the flame and let the incense burn through and emit fragrance.

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