Apple Butter

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SKU: 12993


A semi-sweet spread, made from a time-tested recipe using only the finest ingredients which result in an All Natural Product. No sugar or any other sweetener added. No preservatives, or artificial colourings. The sweetness and wholesome flavour are simply the result of Quality ingredients

A special blend of firm, ripe apples are used that have been selected for their variety and texture as well as their natural sweetness and acidity. Some are pressed into fresh apple cider, others are wholly steamed and cooked after which the peels and cores are strained out, leaving a flavourful apple puree. A combination of this freshly pressed cider and apple puree is added to a large steam vat. A small amount of bicarbonate of soda is added to reduce the acidity and help bring out the sweetness of the natural sugar. This mixture is then boiled until the evaporation process has reduced its volume by about seven (7) times. This concentration really captures the natural fructose sugar and the wholesome flavour or the apple.

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