Fidelity Flowers


This page is related to the Store Rewards Program only (not valid for online store).


We are happy to offer this free program to our loyal customers.
Collect Two (2) flowers for every dollar spent.
You can use your flowers to pay in-store or online for any item without exceptions.


To collect flowers:

Every time you purchase an item, show your card, or provide your email or phone number to the cashier. The system will automatically add your flowers. The balance of your flowers will show at the bottom of your receipt.

To Pay with flowers:

When your balance of flowers is equal or greater to 1000 flowers, you can ask the cashier to pay your purchases with your flowers, each flower equal 1 cent, meaning a total of 1453 flowers = $14.53.

Expiry Date:

All flowers are valid for a six (6) month period following the date of your purchases. As long as you continue to purchase at a minimum of once every six months, your flowers shall remain valid.

Personal Information:

Fleur Sauvage is committed to respecting and protecting your private information. All the information that you provide below will remain confidential.

Register your Plastic Card

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      Claim your missing flowers


      If you have Fleur Sauvage receipt, you can claim your flowers.

      Submit your Invoice #, Invoice Date, Pretax amount and your card number.

      Note : your Loyalty card must be registered.